R4I Success Stories

Retraining for Israel is something that most immigrants go through. It’s a process, often long, that involves learning to live in Israel, learning to be Israel and Israeli. Most olim receive assistance, from the government (local and national), from family and friends and neighbors. 

Relatively quickly, most olim realize that the gifts of time and assistance can’t really be paid BACK. Instead, most find that the most logical option is to pay it forward. In deciding to build Retraining4Israel, we put together a large team of veteran olim (their children, their husbands, their friends and neighbors). 

Each of our successes are part of the greater success of us all and we wanted to share with you the ways we have helped in the past, as we continue to offer our assistance and experiences to others.

Over the years, our successes in helping our fellow olim include:

  • Creating and managing Aliyah Community, a Facebook group dedicated to positive Aliyah discussion.
  • Launching Operation Corona Assistance, a fundraising drive that raised funds to send food to dozens of needy families throughout Israel.
  • Launching Operation Warm Winter, a targeted drive to provide warm clothes to need soldiers including Anglo and lone soldiers.
  • Providing a community for over 2,300 families of IDF soldiers and Sherut Leumi volunteers through active online discussions. (Including families from Israel, US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Hungary, South Africa, etc.)
  • Coordinating the bi-annual Maale Adumim Book Swap (and dozens of volunteers) raising hundreds of thousands of shekels for over a dozen different causes. 
  • Individual assistance provided to families of IDF soldiers and directly to soldiers as well (dealing with bureaucracy, understanding the system, offering advice to parents, speaking with soldiers in crisis, etc.).