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  • The Window to Your Future
    If you had a window to your future? What would you want to see? Most likely, you’ll want to know that for each problem, you know how to access possible solutions. Aliyah is stressful and hard. But, the challenges of Israel ARE surmountable, if when you look into the window that is your future, you see what you need…
  • Happy Aliyah Day!
    HAPPY ALIYAH DAY!!! Yes, Israel has a day on which it celebrates those who have made aliyah (including over 15,000 this year alone), and those who plan to make aliyah as well! How didContinue reading
  • We, the Jewish People
    We, the Jewish people  given the Holy Land of Israel, then exiled and then reunited with our homeland, came to live in peace among our neighbors, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility and security, provideContinue reading
  • Answering the Questions Others Ask
    One of the things I love doing is showing Israel to visitors. It isn’t just about missing work or stealing a day but about seeing, through their eyes, the wonder that I still seeContinue reading
  • Why Retraining4Israel
    If you believe that being connected to an active, informed and dedicated group of like-minded people would help, we believe joining Retraining4Israel is the best way to move forward.