Experts Page

In the coming days, we will be formally onboarding our Experts. The list is very impressive, a true picture of veteran olim from dozens of different backgrounds and professions all coming together to offer their services and assistance.

Our Experts will be in the Forums (and more Forums are being added!). They will be presenting webinars in the coming weeks, months and years; writing blog posts; and offering you advice, services and discounts!

On this page, we will list all of our Experts with links to each Expert’s page. There, you will learn about who they are, what they are offering, and the discount they provide. As we onboard our Experts, the categories list below will become available. You can click on a category to see a list of current Experts in that field. Note that in some cases, we are only offering one Expert who has been vetted for our community. In other professions, are Experts are divided in some way (for example, further specialized in one area or another (for example, law or accounting, real estate regions, etc.).

Meet Our Experts:

Shortly, we will begin onboarding our experts. Their names will be listed here in alphabetical order. Each name will be linked to a personal Experts Page dedicated to helping you take advantages of the skills and discounts they offer.


Experts Categories

Search for Retraining4Israel Experts by profession by selecting one of the categories below.

Note: Following is a list of some of the fields for which we already have experts. More coming on soon!

  • Accountant – Business in Israel
  • Accountant – US taxes
  • Aliyah Issues
  • Aliyah Packing
  • Architect
  • Building in Israel
  • Business Consulting
  • Career Counseling
  • Community Experts
  • Financial Advisor
  • Graphic Artist Services
  • Hebrew Language (Reading for Adults)
  • Hebrew Language (Reading for Children)
  • Hebrew Language Expert (Speaking)
  • Home Organizer/De-clutter
  • Interior Designer for Israel
  • Lawyer – Real Estate
  • Lawyer – Retirement
  • Medical Challenges/Disability
  • Medical – Israeli Health System
  • Mortgage Advisor
  • Promotional Videos
  • Real estate – Jerusalem
  • Real estate – Maale Adumim
  • Shipper (US > Israel)
  • Teenage Aliyah Challenges
  • Technical Writing Retraining
  • Web Designe

Featured Expert

Each month, we will introduce you to one of our amazing Experts. The personal story behind each person, their experiences here in Israel and more.

Stay tuned…