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Does Aliyah Terrify You?

  • Are you worried about making your aliyah successful?

  • Do you constantly hear negative stories of those who came and failed?

  • Are you afraid that you won’t find your place in Israel?

  • Are people telling you that Israeli bureaucracy will defeat you?

Retraining4Israel is THE answer for you!

Retraining4Israel Benefits

For a low monthly fee, you will receive:

  • Regular, ongoing webinars on all facets of aliyah and life in Israel.
  • Access to over 50 experts, professionals, consultants, etc.
  • Forums for discussing and sharing with others on the aliyah journey.
  • Personalized assistance for the problems and challenges YOU face.
  • Career counseling to translate skills to a successful career in Israel.
  • Discounts from lawyers, shippers, consultants, advisors, services and products.
  • Real friends on the same journey; a community in the truest sense of the word.
  • Access to the R4I 4 U Service enables you to request more…more services, more information, more help…simply more.

Retraining4Israel – THE best way to prepare for Israel.

Click to join Retraining4Israel!

Click to join Retraining4Israel!

Retraining4Israel Community – for all your aliyah needs

1: Expert Webinars

Need information? 

Live webinars with experts sharing invaluable aliyah information will bring you practical advice to solve the challenges you are facing or will face as you transition through the aliyah process. 

Save time, money, aggravation and more. Find comfort in expanding your knowledge. 

R4I Webinar

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2: Hebrew Lessons

Need help communicating?

One of the major aliyah challenges is living in a country that operates in another language. Weekly Hebrew lessons significantly advance your Hebrew and will help make you feel more comfortable communicating with others. R4I offers every-day Hebrew at a pace that fits your schedule and needs.

3: Specialized Forums

Need a community? 

Topic-based Forums offer focused support, discussion, and quick access to Experts on each topic. Members freely ask questions while experts, moderators, and veteran olim in the Forums help focus on positive, productive,  solution-based advice and answers. Our Community Forums are one of the most dynamic elements, changing and adapting based on member participation, requests and needs.

Retraining for Israel Lecture

4: Business Tips

Need to redefine your future? 

Creating and building a business in Israel offers its own challenges. Through regular videos, blog posts, and the Business Forum, members can gain invaluable knowledge about how to build, maintain, and grow a business in Israel.

5: Topic of the Month

Each month, begins with the introduction of  a Topic of the Month. Focused Webinars, work-sheets, Forum-based discussions and more. Click here to learn more about this month’s Topic of the Month!

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Retraining for Israel Topic of the Month

6: Q&A Webinars

Still have questions? 

Our unique Q&A Webinars offer an opportunity to ask experts direct and personal questions. Any question can be asked. Some Q&A Webinars are topic-based, others are open and can touch on anything related to aliyah. Through R4I 4 U, you can easily suggest new focus topics for these sessions!

7: Personalized Aliyah Counseling

Need personalized help?

Personalized counseling on specific challenges you are facing. Delivered through email and phone service during pre-defined hours helps solve immediate problems. As the community develops, Local Volunteers will enable us to provide  physical assistance and even more personalized help. To see some of our past activities, click here.

Retraining for Israel Personalized Aliyah Counseling

Sample Monthly Schedule

8. Regular Monthly Schedule

Each month, members receive an exciting, information-packed schedule filled with events. Through the site, you can click to attend or watch recorded events. you’ll be able to attend live webinars, access videos, blog posts, and more. All events are available in the Recorded Events page for future reference. 

Click here to be part of this amazing community

Click here to be part of this amazing community

Retraining4Israel Bonuses

NOTE: The following bonuses will be distributed to members throughout the coming months. 

January 2021 Bonus: Aliyah Tips book

A compilation of over one hundred tips with advice from veteran olim on every stage of the aliyah process. What you should ship, what you should pack, how to handle the challenges of daily life, bureaucracy, schools and the medical system in Israel and more. It’s a book you’ll consult over and over again. Yours for joining Retraining4Israel.

Valued at $25

February, 2021 Bonus: Coming Home: A Practical Guide to Successful Aliyah (Part 1)

The most practical guide to aliyah that has been written in over a decade. Presented to members in three parts, these books provide invaluable information about all stages of the aliyah process.
Parts 2 and 3 will be provided in following months.

Valued at $45

BONUS: Social Media Mini-Course

Coming to Israel often means starting from fresh in a place where few people know your skills or past experience and skills. One of the most successful ways to publicize these skills is with the use of social media tools. Maximizing your outreach can help you build your business, find employment, meet others with similar goals, and much more. In the coming months, this course will be presented numerous times and members will have the opportunity to register.

The course includes practical case studies to help you harness the power of tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Valued at $200

Join Retraining4Israel for a monthly fee of $27.00 per person
Family membership for only $50 per month.

This monthly subscription plan, will help you prepare for aliyah before you come and adjust to life in Israel once you’ve arrived. Each month, you’ll have access to several expert webinars, introductions to communities throughout Israel, regularly updated aliyah tips, resources and much more.

Join Retraining4Israel NOW for only and begin to explore our aliyah platform.

Enjoy several webinars, (Aliyah for Teenagers, Retirement in Israel, and Aliyah Mistakes you’ll want to avoid). Explore our growing Knowledge Base, enter our Forums and begin meeting others and discussing your aliyah concerns.

Hurry, because the first Expert webinar is already scheduled! Membership rights begin as soon as you register and will continue. Each month, you’ll be billed only $27 to gain unlimited access throughout the month. Register NOW and take advantage of the WHOLE month, for just $1.

Use the codeDEC2020 to get your discount!!
Contact us at if you have any questions.

Don’t miss out! Click here to join

Don’t miss out! Click here to join